Tren-bol 100

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(Contains also: grapeseed oil, campesterol,-sitosterol, stigmasterol, 9% benzyl benzoate, benzyl alcohol 1.5%)

alternative to: trenbolone acetate, Tren, Fina, Finaplix

separation symbol 100 is a very popular anabolic product with versatile use. It is in bodybuilding (especially in combination with products such as Danabol or Testobol 250) successfully used both in the construction phase and in the definition phase. Many athletes take account of their experiences that separation bol 100 strong anti-catabolic effects which prevent the loss of muscle mass in lower calorie intake.

dosage : 1 ml / day

In the final preparation phase for bodybuilders competitions is often possibly 100 Tren-bol combined with Winny 50, with Oxandro tablets.

beware of imitations! Each MegaGear ™ product is covered with a hologram of size 15 x 15 mm, which shows the logo of the company in one layer and the repeated inscription ORIGINAL in the second layer. Moreover ™ product is located on each MegaGear a sticker with a unique control number.


Tren-bol 100, 10 ml vial, oil-celled solution (100 mg / ml)

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